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Hey EV’ers, Luke here at The EV Market Place checking in with our very first weekly blog on all things EV.

Looking for the latest and greatest in EV news? What about the news that really signposts the future of EV? And of course… news that’s FUN.

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Engines ready? – Check. Let’s get started.

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Who said EVs aren’t made for some rough-and-tumble? This prototype from Lordstown Motors, labelled the Military Electric Vehicle (or MEV for short), can definitely take some hits. It’s a six-seater vehicle that embraces the same EV tech that the Lordstown Endurance pickup does.

With a top output of around 600hp and a 109-kWh battery that achieves an estimated distance of 250 miles (402 km), Lordstown aren’t pulling any punches.

So why care about a vehicle intended for the military? Well, one of the most important debates surrounding electric vehicles is reliability – and with these vehicles used in situations that are potentially life threatening, there’s no better test (and proof) of an EV’s reliability than in a military situation.

Check out the video here. If your trip to the supermarket is half as bumpy, you’re in safe hands.

Swapping The Old For The New

For anyone who’s been living under a rock for the past year (and we don’t blame you), the UK Government announced that the sale of new petrol and diesel cars is to be banned by 2030.

Along with this announcement, car scrappage initiatives have been gathering steam (…or electricity?) behind the scenes.

Car scrappage schemes are nothing new, however manufacturers are now tying these schemes in with promoting their new, top of the line electric vehicles. Fancy a hefty discount between £1000-5000? Yes please.

With manufactures such as Toyota, Mazda, Lexus, and Kia (psst, check out the EV6) now coming out with their own versions of the car scrappage scheme, there’s never been a better time to consider the switch. Check out the government initiative here.



Quickfire Round:

Fancy some laughs, or maybe some head-scratching deep-talk? Check out the 5 links below for some extra reading. Yes, you’ll get extra credit!

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  • For the politically involved – Afghanistan and the future of lithium. Click here.
  • Wireless charging for EVs? The Genesis GV60 says “absolutely.” Click here.
  • Move over submarines. The Tesla Model S is in town. Click here.

With every week that passes, there’s some truly fascinating news coming out about recent developments in the EV space. The future of EV isn’t tomorrow. It’s now.

Until next week it’s #TIMETOGOEV