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Hey EV’ers, Today marks World EV Day! How will you be celebrating? I say we do so with some exciting EV news. Over the last fortnight, we’ve witnessed not one, not two, but three incredible EV-filled shows. The Fully Charged show at Farnborough International, the 2021 EV Summit, and the IAA convention in Munich have provided us lucky folks with a flood of fascinating EV news. Let’s have a roundup of two of these, the Fully Charged show and the IAA convention.    From electric diggers to boilers to unicycles and, of course, electric cars, this year’s Fully Charged show had it all. The weather even held up too! If that isn’t a good sign, I don’t know what is. Enthusiasm and passion oozed from every brand attending, with big names such as Tesla, Ford, BMW, VW, Renault and Audi (the list goes on) showing off their impressive catalogue of […]

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ev news


Hey EV’ers, As summer is slowly beginning to draw to a close, you may be beginning to take a tentative glance at your favourite jumper, perhaps even juggling the idea of turning on the heating… But once clad in your jumper and adequately warm, what do you do? Well, how about some hot-off-the-press EV news to really get tucked into? We won’t judge. We promise. So, grab yourself a drink (or two!), get yourself cosy, and let’s get started with this week’s news. Supercharged Shows     A truly special week for all things EV news, the EV Summit and the Fully Charged Show have returned once again with a vengeance. Firstly, the annual EV Summit (1-2 September) was held at Oxford’s Saïd Business School. For those unfamiliar with this convention, the summit aims to bring together business leaders in the EV, infrastructure, and IT spheres (to name a few) […]

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ev news

Screenshot 2021-08-31 at 10.32.04

Hey EV’ers, Luke here at The EV Market Place checking in with our very first weekly blog on all things EV. Looking for the latest and greatest in EV news? What about the news that really signposts the future of EV? And of course… news that’s FUN. We bet you’ll raise your eyebrows at least once while you read this. Really. And if not… I’ll buy you a coffee. (Coffee not guaranteed) Engines ready? – Check. Let’s get started.   Who said EVs aren’t made for some rough-and-tumble? This prototype from Lordstown Motors, labelled the Military Electric Vehicle (or MEV for short), can definitely take some hits. It’s a six-seater vehicle that embraces the same EV tech that the Lordstown Endurance pickup does. With a top output of around 600hp and a 109-kWh battery that achieves an estimated distance of 250 miles (402 km), Lordstown aren’t pulling any punches. So […]

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A Beginner’s Myth-busting Guide to Electric vehicles

Dr Euan McTurk - image 1

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard about the increasing uptake of electric vehicles around the globe, and are now curious. You may have heard many good news stories from owners, but also read the occasional article in a newspaper, or seen something on TV, that suggests that EVs aren’t all that they’re cracked up to be. I am a battery electrochemist who has been working with – and driving – electric vehicles, or EVs, since 2009. During that time, seen the vast improvement of EVs and battery tech, and experienced it through the EVs that I’ve owned: a 1999 Peugeot 106 Electric, a 2014 Nissan LEAF and a 2015 Tesla Model S. However, I’ve also heard plenty of comments from naysayers – most of whom have never driven EVs before – including myths about cost, practicality, sustainability and lifespan. In this blog, I’ll try to answer the most common […]

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Ducati – charging into the world of urban e-bikes

The Ducati SCR-E

The hardcore of the mountain bike fraternity took a little bit of persuading before they began to adopt the pedal-assist technology that is now taking the biking world by storm, in the same way we believe motorcyclists will soon begin the transition to electric power. One traditional motorcycle manufacturer, who has teased us with electric motorcycle designs, but yet to launch an electric motorcycle is Ducati. They are however, charging forward (feet first) into the world of electric bikes. Ducati in collaboration with the Italian e-bikes specialist Thok created the MIG-RR  (c.£6250.00) and is set to release this urban pedal-assist bike (c.£3500.00) shown above, into the Ducati Scrambler range of e-bikes, followed swiftly we hope, with the recently unveiled fold-up bikes, for take anywhere, electric travel. The Fold up electric bikes recently unveiled show off Ducati’s design prowess, with beautiful curves and attention to detail. Rear LED light built into […]

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New York State to rollout a 700 Million dollar EV Make-Ready Programme


New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced a package of major clean transportation initiatives, including a “Make Ready” order approved by the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) to advance New York’s commitment to accelerate its transition to cleaner mobility. The EV Make-Ready Program will be funded by investor-owned utilities in New York State. It creates a cost-sharing program that incentivizes utilities and charging station developers to site electric vehicle charging infrastructure in places that will provide a maximal benefit to consumers. The PSC order caps the total budget at $701 million and will run through 2025, with $206 million allocated toward equitable access and benefits for lower-socio-economic and disadvantaged communities which will also be eligible for a higher incentive supporting up to 100% of the costs to make a site ready for EV charging. The Long Island Power Authority, with its service provider, PSEG Long Island also announced a goal to support […]

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Croatia subsidises Electric Vehicle purchasing with €5.8 million


Croatia finds demand for EV incentives crushing: In Croatia, the online application procedure for the new call for funding for electric and hybrid vehicles had to be canceled after only two minutes. They received so many applications within just a few moments that the 2020 budget for the funding programme of 2.9 million euros was exhausted. Continue reading on electrive.com

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France and Germany speed ahead as electric cars subsidies make them ‘almost free’

Renault Zoe

France and Germany have sought to soften the coronavirus pandemic’s blow to the badly hit car sector with generous subsidies. With both the governments’ boost for electric vehicle incentives, their purchase subsidies are now among the most favorable in the world. Source: Bloomberg Car buyers in Europe can now get their hands on a brand-new electric vehicle for less than the typical cost of a mobile-phone contract. Thanks to newly generous subsidies, some are even free. Shoppers have swarmed virtual showrooms in Germany and France — the region’s two largest passenger car markets — after their national governments boosted electric-vehicle incentives to stimulate demand. Their purchase subsidies are now among the most favorable in the world. The state support is allowing Autohaus Koenig, a dealership chain with more than 50 locations across Germany, to advertise a lease for the battery-powered Renault Zoe that is entirely covered by subsidies. In the 20 days […]

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Electric Scooters – Trials begin in Middlesborough

Electric Scooter

Rental e-scooters have at last become legal on UK streets Today, Middlesbrough in north-east England become the first city in the UK to begin trials to allow electric scooters on to our streets. The region’s Mayor Ben Houchen, praised the initiative as “clean energy, socially distant mode of transport”.  An initial 100 scooters are set to appear in Middlesbrough later this month in a partnership with a new UK-based operator, Ginger, rolling it out across Teesside, Darlington, and Hartlepool The scheme which it is hoped will be part of a green economic recovery, is seen as a way of improving air quality and reducing congestion.  The coronavirus crisis was instrumental in forcing the government to speed up the pace of change so that all local authorities will now be able to set up their trials. The transport minister, Rachel Maclean, said: “As we emerge from lockdown, we have a unique opportunity […]

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Royal Mail to trial Electric Vans


The Royal mail is to trial using electric vehicles for its deliveries, using a retrofitted London Electric Cab initially as supplied by the London EV Company Limited.  An automotive engineering company The company is famous for its London black taxicabs with its headquarters near Coventry, England, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chinese automaker Geely, who also own Volvo and their electric car company Polestar. The first van will be tested in Birmingham, then Leeds, Derby, Edinburgh and Bristol. With a new survey announcing that one in three fleet managers electrifying at least half their UK fleet by 2025, we expect a lot of interest in the results of the Royal Mails tests. See the full Royal Mail article here:  https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-53321006

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E-scooters to be made legal in the UK from July

Close up of e-scooter front wheel tire parked outdoor in autumn season. Hamburg, Germany, Europe

In a bid to reduce pressure on public transport during the current coronavirus crisis, the Department of Transport has set out new rules that could launch scooter-sharing schemes in UK towns and cities from this Saturday the 4th of July. Under these new rules, it will be legal to ride one of these e-scooters on the road, and it is hoped the first rentable e-scooters could be up and running in Middlesbrough from early next week. Some 50  local authorities have expressed an interest in the Government about having their own e-scooter trials.  Vehicles will be limited to a top speed on 15 miles an hour and although they will not be mandatory, it is expected that it will be recommended that helmets be worn. E-scooter firms vying for licenses in the UK say the vehicles offer an environmentally friendly alternative to short car journeys, but campaigners warn they could […]

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The planet has benefited from us staying home due to the coronavirus and has made us all a bit more conscious about our environmental footprint.  We all know we need to help the movement towards zero emissions and reduce our carbon footprint, but it must be our countries industry leaders and governments that help us to do so. Come on Boris! The Telegraph recently reported that Boris Johnson could be about to announce a scrappage scheme to help promote the purchase of Electric Cars and kick start the auto industry post lockdown.   It could mean that when you scrap your old internal combustion engine car, the price of the British-built Nissan Leaf electric vehicle falls from £26,845 to just £20,845 and would see a new VW ID.3 zero-emission hatchback cost around the same as an entry-level petrol-powered Golf. This move would see cost, possibly the last barrier to going electric, […]

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How Much Does It Cost To Charge An Electric Car?


Car sales are down in general however, the demand for electric vehicles is rising dramatically in the UK. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) announced that Electric vehicle registrations were up by 197.4 per cent year-on-year in March, so what’s the bottom line when it comes to cost?  We all know that converting to an electric car makes sense for the local and Global environment that’s obvious. Charging using green energy even increases the electric cars green credentials, I get it! But is there a financial cost-benefit too? How much cheaper is an electric vehicle to run compared to petrol or diesel? How much does an Electric Car cost to charge? Like cooking for yourself at home is cheaper than eating out, so is charging your electric car. What model you own and who is providing the electricity will have an impact on the cost to charge, but […]

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Business (Busy-ness) and COVID 19 – What Next?


Suddenly the busy-ness (business) of life has been put on hold, for others life has changed and will never be the same again. All of us have had to take a step away from what we have known until now as our ‘normal’. Since the lock-down, we have seen a dramatic reduction in pollution. Less planes, and fewer carbon heavy vehicles on our roads has resulted in clearer skies, cleaner air and even our countryside is reaping the benefit with the natural world is taking a well-deserved deep breath. We know that the world can’t sustain us if we continue to rely on fossil fuels.  The climate is changing, we are running out of water and the animal and plant kingdoms are suffering and being depleted and lost. The move to electric vehicles, away from the pollution of the combustion engine is just a very small cog in an enormous […]

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The Rise of the Second-hand Electric Vehicle Market Place

Rivian R1S SUV

Changing mass consumer behaviour to make the change to go electric has been no easy task. Even with the help of The Fully Charged Show and brands like Tesla and Nissan leading the charge, it has felt prolonged. Now, however, it does feel like all the myths around going electric are busted. And the recent statistics show that we are at the tipping point for significant changes to happen. Registrations for Electric Vehicles in the UK are up 218% in the first few months of 2020 compared to the same period last year.  A total of 37,850 electric cars registered in the UK in 2019. A rise in demand of 144% compared to the previous year, and figures published this month showed that 6,500 new electric cars were sold in the first two months of this year in the UK, more than triple the number in the same period in […]

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Electric Scooter

In the age of Coronavirus, are Electric Scooters set to be the solution to people’s public transport fears? We’re all a bit panicked to cozy up to a fellow commuter who’s breath your likely to inhale and be able to guess what they had for dinner last night, or heaven forbid they sneeze or cough on you. E-Scooters are the perfect answer to social distancing and unwanted closeness to strangers but the law needs to change as fast as we’re having to adapt to living in these crazy Coronavirus times. The UK is only one of 3 countries in Europe where it is illegal to ride e-scooters on public roads.  Last year we reported that there was to be a review of these out-dated laws, but at the moment it is still illegal to ride on public footpaths, roads and bike lanes in the UK, but it does seem that […]

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Clean air for all: Lampposts to charge electric cars


Grame Paton for The Times newspaper reported today, An “electric avenue” has been developed where lampposts have been converted into chargers for battery-powered cars. In what is thought to be the first of its kind, a street in the capital has been transformed into a hub for the vehicles to promote their use in residential areas. Twenty-four lampposts over a half-mile stretch of Sutherland Avenue in Maida Vale, northwest London, have been converted to contain chargepoints, allowing residents without driveways to power up electric vehicles overnight. The project, led by Siemens, which was completed yesterday, is the first time a street has been fully converted to cater for on-street car charging. The conversion comes amid concerns that a perceived shortage of public chargers may be preventing many motorists from ditching petrol and diesel cars in favour of electric vehicles. The majority of charging is done at home but this can be […]

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UK could ban sale of petrol and diesel cars in 12 years, says Shapps


Transport secretary’s disclosure of earlier target likely to rattle carmakers. The government could ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars in 2032, three years earlier than previously suggested, the transport secretary has said. A consultation launched last week suggested all cars with internal combustion engines could be banned from 2035 but Grant Shapps told BBC radio on Wednesday the ban could come within 12 years. The ban would happen by 2035 – or even 2032, subject to consultation, he said. The comments will add to the concerns of the car industry, which has criticised the government for “moving the goalposts” with its earlier announcement that the limits could come by 2035, from an initial expectation of a 2040 ban. Mike Hawes, the chief executive of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), said it was a “date without a plan”. Previous proposals also excluded some hybrid cars, which combine internal combustion engines […]

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THE ELECTRIC SCOOTER… Could This Be The (Green) Future of Urban Travel?

EV Market Place scooter

We are constantly hearing about the poor air quality in our Towns and Cities, the statistics are grim, and there is a growing awareness that we have to do something, and soon.  We know that combustion engines are polluting our cities and taking a terrible toll on our health, the health of our children and the health of our planet. Could the electric scooter be part of the answer? On a recent trip to Paris, my son decided to see the sights on one of the many hundreds of electric scooters easily located for hire around the City. There are over 500 dedicated parking slots and e-scooters for hire on most streets in Paris. Each electric scooter has a GPS tracker and they are retrieved each evening for the batteries to be re-charged and for necessary repairs. My son came back a real enthusiast, loving the ease of use, finding […]

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Things to consider before buying an electric car

Porsche Taycan Electric

Electric cars are certainly becoming more popular, the best are spacious, comfortable and can go long distances between charges, help save the planet, and are cheaper to run and maintain than internal combustion engine vehicles. The worst can be expensive, impractical and unreliable. Below are a few tips to help you weigh-up the advantages and possible disadvantages before buying, including information on the government-funded grant towards the cost of the car and towards the installation of a charging point at your home. Your main decision may be choosing between two the two types of plug-in car: an all-electric car with a battery-driven electric motor or a plug-in hybrid (PHEV), where the battery power and motor supplement are backed up by a combustion engine. The Electric Compared with a hybrid car, purely electric cars have a slightly reduced range compared to their internal combustion engine, and hybrid counterparts. But electric cars […]

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British Press finally recognises the EV revolution


At last Europe is catching up with the EV revolution.  Here’s the latest from BBC News of what there is to look forward to in the EV Market Place. Electric car models to triple in Europe by 2021 The number of electric car models available to consumers in Europe is expected to triple by 2021, says a European environmental lobby group. The uptake of electric cars has been stalling, blamed on a lack of charging infrastructure and higher prices. Latest data shows carmakers will offer 214 electric car models in 2021, up from 60 models at the end of 2018. More affordable options could see consumers switch from petrol and diesel cars sooner than anticipated. Analysis by the European Federation for Transport and Environment (T&E), based on data by research firm IHS Markit, suggests that car manufacturers are now ready to embrace car electrification. In 2021, carmakers are forecast to […]

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Strong policy and falling battery costs drive another record year for electric cars

EV charging stations

China remained by far the largest electric car market in the world, accounting for half sold last year. Nearly 580,000 electric cars were sold in China in 2017, a 72% increase from the previous year. The United States had the second-highest, with about 280,000 cars sold in 2017, up from 160,000 in 2016. Nordic countries remain leaders in market share. Electric cars accounted for 39% of new car sales in Norway, making it the world leader in electric vehicle (EV) market share. In Iceland, new EV sales were 12% of the total while the share reached 6% in Sweden. Germany and Japan also saw strong growth, with sales more than doubling in both countries from their 2016 levels. Electric mobility is not limited to cars. In 2017, the stock of electric buses rose to 370,000 from 345,000 in 2016, and electric two-wheelers reached 250 million. The electrification of these modes […]

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Electric Light Aircraft Order Rush: Deeply Significant

Electric aircraft in the future.

Not long ago it was just dreams. Small internal-combustion aircraft provide taxi services, serve the declining market for private flying and a few other needs. Some are over 30 years old because total cost of ownership is an issue. Designing electric replacements seemed like entering a dust bowl. Spotting that there is more money in larger aircraft, some raised investment to jump in at the deep end and make 8-100 seat pure-electric aircraft or, more realistically, hybrid interim versions first, such as the Faradair BEHA. It is well analysed in the new IDTechEx report, Manned Electric Aircraft 2020-2030.   NASA did a concept video of something disturbingly like a coffin lifting you out of your garden. Resonantly, it was called Puffin. About 100 organisations have raised money or concepts in that quirky vertical take-off and landing VTOL arena, mainly offering pure-electric zero-emission. However, batteries do not yet exist to lift […]

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Mayor announces £6m funding for projects tackling toxic air

London Traffic

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has invested £6 million from his Air Quality Fund in 15 new projects being established across London with the aim of improving the capital’s air quality and tackling our climate emergency. The new schemes include initiatives to cut pollution from river craft and construction machinery, as well as establishing hundreds of car free and pedestrianisation schemes. Four new Low Emission Neighbourhoods (LENs) will be established in Hackney, Dagenham, Southwark and Camden. LENs receive funding and support to install electric vehicle charge points, expand cycle lanes, establish green walls and investigate traffic reduction schemes. This funding will be matched with almost £3 million from the relevant boroughs. Boroughs across London will also work with the Mayor to deliver 11 further projects to improve air quality, including: a project to tackle emissions from South London construction sites, an anti-engine-idling campaign spread across 27 boroughs, school streets […]

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EV charging locations outnumber petrol stations in the UK

EV car charge

Data from electric vehicle (EV) charging station location service Zap-Map has revealed that the number of public charging locations in the UK has now surpassed petrol stations. The company’s data shows that, as of 22 May, there are 8,471 public charging stations across the UK compared to 8,400 petrol stations. These charging stations host a total of 13,613 charging devices. The UK market for public EV charging has grown drastically in the last year, with the number of locations increasing by 57 per cent in this time. This network is supporting the growing number of EVs on the road, estimated at more than 210,000 currently, from a figure of only 3,500 six years ago. Zap-Map pointed to forecasts which predict that by the end of 2022 there will be over one million EVs on the UK’s roads. Last year saw a record number of EV registrations, with almost 60,000 new electric […]

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9 reasons why you should switch to an Electric Vehicle in Ireland


The shift to electric vehicles (EV) is well and truly underway, with more electric cars than ever on our roads. There are also more industry and government initiatives available to help people to make the switch. It’s estimated there are currently around 5,500 electric cars on the roads in Ireland, but the Government plans to increase this to 20,000 vehicles by 2020. With so many benefits for both the environment and your pocket, driving an electric car makes so much sense. Here’s why electric vehicles really are the transport mode of the future. 1. They’re more affordable to run An electric car can reduce your transport costs by 74pc, compared to a similar diesel engine car. The SEAI is offering grants of up to €5,000 towards the cost of an electric vehicle and motorists can avail of up to €5,000 VRT (Vehicle Registration Tax) relief. There is also a €600 […]

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How electric cars are dominating the Geneva Motor Show 2019


The car industry is charging ahead with electrification. The shift away from fossil fuels is a massive trend across the sector, with the majority of the firms showing cars at the Geneva International Motor Show having at least some kind of electric-powered device on offer. The electric pulse races from the fastest to the slowest car at the Swiss event. One of the fastest is from new brand Automobili Pininfarina, the Battista, with technology from Croatia’s Rimac it develops 1,900bhp. Automobili Pininfarina development driver Nick Heidfeld told Euronews: “It has nearly 2,000 horsepower, the thing closest to that I have driven is a probably an F1 car, with nearly 900 horsepower, and this car will have more than double,” As Citroën celebrates its centenary, it’s showing off the slowest car at the show – the electric Ami One Concept. “We don’t call it a vehicle, we call it an object, for urban areas. So, big cities,” says Linda Jackson, […]

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