The benefits of EV charging for businesses that shouldn’t be ignored 








A £400 million fund for EV chargers has been announced in the UK, and many cities around the world are also following suit – with the introduction of EV incentive schemes and updated Climate Plans. 


It’s clear that EVs and their charging points are here to stay, and it doesn’t just have a positive impact on our wider world. In fact, there’s a whole multitude of benefits for businesses. Plus, as we head into 2022, those that want to survive – and thrive – will have to keep up with the ever-evolving electric environment. 

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The main benefits of EV and their charging stations


  1. Attract customers and employees

    We can’t deny that consumers are becoming even more intelligent when it comes to their buying habits. Today, they want to know where the product comes from, how it was made and that’s before we even get onto the ethical reputation of a company. A Forbes study revealed that 87% of consumers have a more positive outlook on a company that supports environmental and social issues. 88% said they would remain loyal with companies that could prove it.

    Installing EV charging services at your business premises is a great way of showing that you care about the wider impact of the community. Not to mention the fact that it can act as part of a larger sustainability goal and be used to gain sustainability qualifications which are recognised globally.

    This will not only attract more customers and EV users, but boost your brand reputation and image too. It could also bring in new employees who are concerned about environmental issues or those that want to charge their cars using workplace EV charging. What’s more, the government has introduced reduced tax for employees using corporate EVs for personal use.
  2. Use it as a competitive advantage

    If you’re ahead of the competition and install electric vehicle charging points, you won’t just attract new customers because of your reputation but also because you’re one of the few offering this facility. Sales of electric cars increased by 186% in 2020 and the number of EVs on the road is thought to be around 345,000.

    Just as free WiFi is readily available in public areas, sooner rather later, consumers are going to expect public charging too. If their favourite shops, bars, restaurants or hotels don’t have EV facilities, they’ll soon find one that does. The same can also be said for service stations, offices and even properties.
  3. Put your business on the map

    Zapmap and Open Charge Map allow EV drivers to search for and find charging stations in their local area, along certain routes and even start discussions with other users. Information about the charging facilities and reviews can also be found. 

This not only opens up the opportunity for your business to increase its traffic but is a great way to boost reputation and brand visibility within the EV market. Plus, with time on their hands as their vehicle charges, consumers are more likely to explore exactly what your business is offering. 


  1. Reduce your carbon footprint

    CO2 emissions from cars in the UK are rising. But the government has huge plans. By 2050, it wants the UK to reach a net zero target, which means a cross-industry effort is needed to get as many businesses and individuals to adopt EV and their charging points.

    By doing your bit to reduce your carbon footprint, your business is contributing to a healthier environment and combating climate change at the same time. 


The benefits of installing charge points for electric vehicles extends both externally and internally for business owners. Not only can it help you to attract and retain customers but it can support recruitment drives and does wonders for employee retention too. So, if you want to future-proof your business and capitalise on the benefits in this article, investing into EV charging infrastructure is a wise choice.


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